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Does LeapJS still work?

LeapJS no longer works on version 4, but is effective on the 3.2.1 software.

What's the story with LeapJS?

LeapJS is the Leap Motion JavaScript API, which consists of a client-side library and a WebSocket server created by the Leap Motion software. LeapJS works on v3.2.1 of the core software and while some things like the Confidence API and gestures have been deprecated, the basic examples are still workable. However, the library hasn't been updated in 4 years because there hasn't been a pressing need. Making JavaScript work in XR is hard for performance reasons; making it work on desktop is trivial.

With the version 4 software, we stripped out support for all the legacy APIs. In a C++ application a developer could easily just implement a new wrapper on LeapC (using LeapCxx) and still be able to program in C++. But since JS has to run in a browser, there needs to be some native application passing the Leap Motion data along. Historically the Leap Service has handled this by setting up a WebSocket server through which the hand tracking data is delivered.

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