HP USB Leap Motion Keyboard Recalibration

There will be times when the Leap Motion Control Panel (LMCP) will warn that a recalibration is needed. To recalibrate your embedded Leap Motion Controller (LMC):

  • Click/right-click on the LMC tray icon > Settings
  • Select the Troubleshooting tab
  • Select Recalibrate Device
  • Follow the instructions, shown below


  • When aiming the flat reflective object at the Leap Motion sensor, try moving the object in a circular fashion with your hand without moving your arm too much. It's all in the wrist!
  • If you experience issues with completing the recalibration, try a larger reflective surface like a handheld mirror or a tablet
  • Once completed successfully, tracking needs to be re-enabled by pressing Fn + Spacebar or selecting Resume Tracking from the Leap Motion tray icon
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