Recalibrating your Leap Motion Controller

If the sensors on the Leap Motion Controller are knocked out of their initial alignment, the device must be recalibrated. Poor calibration can cause:

- Persistent jumpiness
- Frequent discontinuities in the tracking data
- Odd behavior in tracking data that occurs only in certain areas of the filed of view
- Poor tracking range

To recalibrate your Leap Motion controller:

1. Open up the Leap Motion Control Panel in your system tray

2. Click on the Troubleshooting tab

3. Click on Recalibrate Device

4. Pan and tilt the Leap Motion Controller to move the cursor around to paint the screen. Watch the video below to see how to calibrate the controller.

5. Try to get a calibration score of 80 or above.

Users running the Orion software should aim for a calibration score of 90+ for best performance.

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